Email Marketing and Automation

Reach customers were they are. Their inbox.

Cape Cod Email Marketing Consultants

91% of consumers check their email at least once a day. With over 5 billion email addresses registered worldwide, that’s a huge potential reach. Even better, mobile now accounts for the majority of all email activity, meaning you can reach your customers where they spend the most time – on their phones.

Numerous studies have shown that email marketing works, offering a much higher conversion rate than other methods. According to a recent study by Campaign Monitor, every $1 spent on email marketing generates $44 in sales. So why aren’t you making the most of this marketing channel?

Affordable Email Marketing Tools

One of the biggest problems with email marketing is that many companies punish you for growing your list. Constant Contact will hike your subscription rate by 30-55% as you earn more subscribers. We take a different approach. With our system, you can have as many subscribers as you like but you only pay for the number of emails you actually send. Contact us at (508) 694-7126 to see how much you can save.

Email Marketing Automation Add-On

When it comes to marketing, timing is everything. With email marketing automation, you can deliver time-sensitive offers to your customers like service reminders, birthday coupons and anniversary deals. By reaching your customers at critical moments in their decision making process, you will see higher open rates and conversions. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and we’d love to consult with you to put an effective plan in action.

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Once-Off Email Blasts

Interested in email marketing but not interested in managing it all yourself? We will consult with you on your message, design your template, upload your list and schedule your blast. Then we will send you a performance report in language you can understand. Contact us to get started.

Text Message (SMS) Marketing Add-On

Much like email, the reach of text message marketing is undeniable. 92% of the US population own a device capable of receiving a text message, with consumers more likely to open a text before any other form of communication. So what does this mean? Immediacy.

  • Slow night at the bar? Send out a text to all your your customers living in the nearest zip codes.
  • Last minute room cancellation? Alert your most loyal guests immediately and recover lost revenue.
  • Beach days killing store foot traffic? Bump up your sales with discounts for shoppers during peak beach hours.

SMS marketing is highly targeted and less expensive than you think. Contact us to get started.

Building Your List

The first thing you need to do is build your marketing list. We can help you build that list and even integrate it with your website contact forms and online store. Here are four effective ways to do it.

1. Offers & Giveaways

People love free stuff. Monthly gift certificate giveaways and other contests are an inexpensive way to build your list of subscribers. We can create simple website sign up forms that integrate with your email list.

2. Gated Content

Did we mention that people love free stuff? Entice subscribers with free guides and valuable white papers in return for a valid email address. Not only will they have a keepsake of your brand, but you can follow up with them in case they have more questions about your products or services.

3. Reservation/Sales Software

Almost every online reservation/appointment/booking/ecommerce system has a way to export your customer email list. These lists are great because the customer already has an affinity with your business. Just make sure you have the proper permissions to email them.

4. Offline Methods

Old school methods still work. Capture email addresses in person at the register, on guest receipts, in guestbooks, at events… Compile them in a spreadsheet regularly and easily import them into our email software.

Interested in email and SMS marketing for your small business? Call us at (508) 694-7126 and speak with our email marketing consultant today.