Website Rescue Missions

Feeling ignored by your current vendor? We've provided consistent service since 1996.

It’s Time to Move On

Our Website Rescue Missions are perfect when you need a new partner for your online presence. We swoop in and migrate your website to our superior hosting service so we can provide the service and support your business deserves.

  • Did you build the site yourself but you no longer have the time to study SEO best practices?
  • Perhaps you had a family member build your website but now they’re not “in the business”.
  • Maybe your web designer disappeared, and now you’re not even sure who to call.

Our website migration service is quick and painless.

Help me move!

Whatever the reason, we can help.

Need SEO?

You’ve got a website but it’s not being found. We can address your SEO issues without rebuilding your whole website. And when it does come time to rebuild, we know you’ll trust us to deliver on our promises.

Slow Website?

People often buy cheap hosting plans without realizing the true cost. As your traffic grows, your website can slow to a crawl, hurting your conversions and your bottom line. We can move your website to our lightning fast server, improving your page load speeds and customer engagement.

No Support?

Unresponsive web designer? Hosting company giving you the cold shoulder? Not even sure who to call?! With over twenty years in business, we have heard it all, and the answer is yes, we can help. Call (508) 694-7126 right now to speak to a living, breathing human.


Oh boy… your first call should be to your hosting company. They may charge a fee for restoring your backup. You do have backups right?! Once you get your site back online, please come and talk to us so that you never again have to go through the stress of losing all of your hard work.

Our WordPress hosting, security and maintenance service will ensure that your website is in good hands from here on out, including a regular backup schedule in case anything does go wrong. Oh, and no fees for backup restoration. Ever.

“We at Cape Cod Lanterns started with Community Web Development over twenty years ago, and are still working with them today! We have gone through several website transformations over the years, and our website has surpassed all of our expectations! We are a small company, and have found that Community Web Development is very responsive, has always given us the personal attention we need, and are always willing to instruct and help in any way they can. Thank you Community Web Development for being supportive, and a large part of our business success!”

Community Web Development