Katelynn’s Closet

Katelynn’s Closet is a 501c3 non-profit that provides needy children on Cape Cod and the Islands with clothing, footwear, and basics in order to help them maintain their dignity and foster self-esteem. We were honored to develop a website to their specifications, the main goal of which was to make their online ordering process more efficient.

We built a bespoke website with a custom online ordering system. When clothing orders are placed by a social worker, emails are sent to the volunteers, outlining the needs of that individual child so they can fill the order. Meanwhile, a unique confirmation number is generated so that specific orders can be tracked and referenced.

This improvement in efficiency has meant that more orders are being filled each year and more children on Cape Cod are being helped. We are proud to work with this wonderful Cape Cod community organization.

What they say

“Always amazing, prompt, efficient and thorough service from Community Web Development. What seems like a difficult task for us is always done with ease by Kieran and crew. They are so well focused on the non-profit community and are very generous to our efforts. Score them a 10 out of 10!”

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