Rafael Osona Auctions

Rafael Osona Auctions in Nantucket is a world leader in the sale of Nantucket Baskets, 19th Century Scrimshaw and Nantucket Art. They needed to redesign their online presence in order to meet the expectations of their high-end clientele.

A fully responsive interactive website was designed and built, including a custom solution for managing auction items and uploading high quality images. A customer account facility was also integrated, allowing for efficient absentee bidding through online forms. Finally, a new “Marketplace” section was added, where unsold items are offered for sale 365 days a year. By enabling customers to bid on items all year, this section has helped drive sales, generating additional off-season revenue.

With a constant stream of fresh content, Google pays close attention to this website, rewarding it with high rankings for searches related to Nantucket antiques, fine arts and even specific artists. Since its launch in 2014, Rafael Osona Auctions has seen a consistent 10-20% increase in search engine traffic every year.

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