The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn is an award-winning boutique inn, servicing a sophisticated clientele. A creative website solution was required that matched their designer ethos, as well as the expectations of their high-end guests.

A modern website experience was crafted for the inn, including attention-grabbing horizontal swiping navigation patterns, similar to a mobile app. By blogging regularly, the innkeepers have helped produce consistent gains in search engine traffic of 20%+ every year.

Since this website launched in 2014, email list building strategies have been used to increase traffic from newsletters by a staggering 530%. Retargeting ads are also used to advertise to website visitors that leave the website without booking a room, minimizing lost revenue.

Coupled with effective e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics, the innkeepers can keep an eye on their online marketing efforts and see where their hard-earned dollars are best spent.

What they say

“It has been a pleasure working with Community Web Development. They are available, responsive, and make my job a lot easier. When I come up with something new for our site, they help me implement it flawlessly. As a boutique inn with a specific niche, it is important that our site stands out. It does, thank you Community Web Development.”

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