The Captains Golf Course

The Captains Golf Course is an award-winning 36 hole public golf course in Brewster, MA. In late 2016, the golf commission decided it was time to give the site a facelift and make it 100% mobile ready with a brand new responsive design.

Some exciting new features were added to the site, including drone flyover videos for every hole, upcoming 5 day weather conditions, and a regularly updated alert bar to inform golfers of potential closures or upcoming events. All of this contributed to improved engagement metric, including a 12% reduction in bounce rate and a 25% increase in average website visit duration.

Along with the new site, additional online marketing campaigns were launched, including banner ads targeted by audience interests. This means that potential customers who visit golfing-related sites are shown ads for The Captains Golf Course, raising brand awareness and bringing in new golfers.

Community Web Development